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Surgeons operating using surgical robots

WE STAY AHEAD OF TECHNOLOGY AND LABOR TRENDS specific to robotics, unmanned systems, and autonomy to understand both technical and non-technical job requirements.


OUR BRAND REPRESENTS a culmination of our professional experiences, genuine curiosity in robotics, and passion for fostering exceptional careers.


WITH 20 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE recruiting the highly skilled and brightest minds; building relationships and facilitating business growth, we have refined a blueprint to serve the best interests of all our stakeholders: Our clients, their teams and future employees alike.


WE BRING THESE ATTRIBUTES when hiring top performers, identifying future leaders, and contributing to the success of the companies we serve. 


WE TAKE TREMENDOUS PRIDE in our work and in knowing our dedication, persistence and passion leads to your corporate and professional successes.


An unmanned aerial vehicle in flight about the ocean

Prioritizing your hiring objectives while you focus on operational requirements

Identifying strong candidates with the right academic credentials after you have exhausted your internal hiring efforts

Delivering the highest level of service at the lowest possible cost

Engaging exceptional candidates previously not known to you

Reducing your time-to-hire, close ratio and turnover metrics

Mitigating your recruitment risk while maintaining your confidentiality

Developing a specialized pool of  candidates with deep experience in robotics technologies

Aligning with your company's direction, culture, values, ethics and expectations

Understanding your technology, industry and respective labour trends

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