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A robotics engineer using hand tools to assemble a robotic part

There is no question that exceptional employees - those A Players with the rare combination of core credentials, industry experience, right motivation - are a great asset to their organizations.  Their contribution is quantifiable, their value is indispensable and, often times, they are key to the success of the company they work for. 

You know the type. These are individuals with options. They often consider unsolicited offers; and when they are presented with an interesting opportunity, they make their move judiciously. They ask questions. They ponder. They rationalize and then they demonstrate why they were the best hire you could have possibly made.


The question is...

A young man assembling a small mobile robot with Lego

How many A-Players Apply to Your Open Jobs?

We specialize in identifying, engaging and recruiting genuine A-Players ... when not enough do. 

Our Hiring Solutions

We support the hiring initiatives of engineering, scientific, and technology-led companies in attracting, engaging, and recruiting exceptional candidates with expertise in robotics, drone technologies, or autonomous systems.  We qualify and deliver highly capable and diverse candidates, conduct extensive academic, background, and reference checks. In addition, we offer a generous guarantee period to back the quality of our work. 

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